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The Latest

Bourbon Shirt by Madpixel

September 24, 2010 :: 2:13 pm

Always smooth. Never doctored. Pure Kentucky bourbon. Bottled exclusively for WHY Louisville. Designed by Madpixel and printed on cotton/polyester blend unisex tees.

My <3 Belongs To Louisville

September 22, 2010 :: 2:04 pm

Iry Budnikas, age 6, is the talented young artist behind “My Heart Belongs to Louisville”, the first place winner in our Second Annual “Kids Are Alright” T-shirt Design Contest (ages 6-10 group). Printed on American Apparel deep V-neck tees in unisex sizes.

Louisville Sets My <3 On Fire

September 22, 2010 :: 2:00 pm

Stella Montgomery, age 5, is the talented young artist behind “Louisville Sets My Heart on Fire”, the first place winner in our Second Annual “Kids Are Alright” T-shirt Design Contest (ages 1-5 group). Printed on American Apparel tri-blend track tees in unisex sizes. Stella Montgomery, pictured here next to her winning design, took first place (read more…)

King Kong ATTACKS!

September 17, 2010 :: 3:55 pm

The poor AEGON center. First it had to battle a giant squid, now it has one of cinema’s oldest and most beloved monsters to contend with-armed with an over-sized Louisville Slugger, no less. Who will it have to battle next? Design by Bill Green. Printed on soft heather gray cotton/polyester unisex tees.

Hillbilly by TKC Productions

September 15, 2010 :: 4:36 pm

Designed by TKC Productions. Printed on American Apparel 50/50 unisex tees.

Li’l Lincoln Buddy

September 14, 2010 :: 3:52 pm

The Great Emancipator is also a great desk companion. These hand-carved Lincoln statues measure approximately 7″ tall and their free-swinging joints allow them to strike a variety of presidential poses.

The Best Biscuits in Town!

September 8, 2010 :: 12:45 pm

Chef Kitty kneads his dough by paw and uses only the freshest ingredients. He makes them on the furniture! He makes them on your lap! Sometimes he makes them on that scratching post that you shelled out 50 bucks for! (Usually he just sleeps on top of it.) There’s no denying it: Chef Kitty makes (read more…)

KY Home by Kenny Andreozzi

September 8, 2010 :: 12:30 pm

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like Kentucky with a giant heart in it. Design by Kenny Andreozzi. Printed on cotton ladies American Apparel T-shirts.

Diorama Greeting Cards

September 2, 2010 :: 3:41 pm

The folks at Spitfire Girl have taken the old greeting card model and given it a new dimension-literally! Each shadowbox greeting “card” is a three-dimensional world unto itself. They’re all handmade with love and ready for your personal greeting. Includes a custom mailing envelope-just add postage and drop it in the mail! They’re perfect for (read more…)

Colonel Bibs

September 2, 2010 :: 3:35 pm

Get those little Colonels-in-training ready to look the part with a Colonel Bib by BibelWurth. Perfect for fast-food fried chicken, or any other variety of food that’s likely to make a mess. Printed on American Apparel bibs.