They’re like iPhone apps, but real.

Are your kids learning how to read and write? Do they love the great outdoors? Sewing? Binge drinking? Chances are, there’s a kit for that.

Dumpling Dynasty presents an assortment of attractively illustrated tin kits complete with all of the essential tools one needs to explore the world of arts and crafts, “adult beverages”, and even exploration itself. Available now at WHY Louisville!

Writing Kit Includes

  • Notebook
  • Pencils in assorted colors
  • Chinese writing stencil
  • Self-inking stamp
  • Eraser

Happy Hour Kit Includes

  • Four tin coasters
  • Asian cocktail guide
  • Flamingo stirrers
  • Chinese-style cocktail parasols

Bunny Sewing Kit Includes

  • Needles and thread
  • Bunny fabric pattern
  • Bunny stuffing
  • “Adventures of My Bunny” notepad and pencil set

Explorer Kit Includes

  • Vintage-style flashlight
  • Magnifying glass
  • Metal compass
  • String with knot guide
  • Notebook and pencil

Sewing Kit Includes

  • Scissors and seam ripper
  • Pins, needles, and safety pins
  • Tape measure
  • Assorted thread reels and buttons
  • Thimble