Sound Machines

Sound machines bring you sixteen high-fidelity sound effects in your pocket. Re-create classic sound effects during all the opportune moments: riding in a crowded elevator, serving on a jury, at a job interview. The list is endless. Stock up on all three varieties for maximum sound effectiveness.

Classic Sound Machine

Sound effects include:

  • Applause
  • Audience laughter
  • That hilarious trombone “womp-womp” sound
  • Boioioioioioioing
  • And much more!

Cartoon Sound Machine

Sound effects include:

  • Falling off a cliff
  • Circle-of-stars-or-birds-around-the-head sound
  • Boioioioioioioing, again!
  • Falling-in-love heart thumps
  • And many more!

Horror Sound Machine

Sound effects include:

  • Man screaming
  • Woman screaming
  • Wolf screaming
  • Owl screaming
  • Ghost screaming
  • Various other things screaming and/or being generally creepy